About the book:

After digging through the trials of being single and coming up with some possible areas in need of correction where she may be sabotaging her own happiness, Calia accounts an experimental evening out as she tries to apply some of the techniques she has discovered during this process!

Calia Roze

Discuss the common struggles of being single as the single demographic gets smaller and smaller

Learn how to love life the way it is now in order for greatness and possibility to bubble up out of where you are at this very moment

Figure out what you really want as opposed to what you have convinced yourself that you want due to many years of negative self talk and the need to prove yourself right!

Use the Law of Attraction and visualization to create the life you want!  Learn how to use it correctly so it isn’t consistently working against you because of what you think you’ve learned from your previous experiences.

Stop comparing yourself to others!  Your life is yours and there is no need to put self-defeating obstacles and limits on yourself by wishing you had done something different or wanting to live someone else’s life!

Are you dismissing men for not liking you the way you are?  Figure out if you really are that way or if it’s a self-sabotaging excuse for not getting to where you want to be for fear of being hurt again.

Once you’ve learned what your real excuses are, learn to trust your own judgment again in order to not guard yourself to the point of not being able to feel anything!













































































































































































































































"...Calia's real life view of how it feels to be single, helped me realize that dating may not be quite as impossible as I have convinced myself it is..."

"...I loved the way the book included a summary of what needed to be focused on in myself before moving on to the next chapter..."

"...it was different than many self-help books because she was learning right along with the reader. She discovered things in herself and was able to apply them into her real life as she reported her results back to the reader. The way she admitted it when she would catch herself starting to go back to her old ways, made her very real. I ended up feeling like she was a good friend of mine..."

"...I loved Calia's writing style. She took us through a real dating experiment in scripted form. Her thoughts, in contrast to what she actually said, made it read like a sitcom. The book was a nice mixture of entertainment with a well thought-out message..."

"...it was really quick reading...it delivered a lot of information while intertwined in Calia's life-stories which allowed the reader to relate her own life and immediately have something to think about in everyday life..."